Omada has devised a series of masterclasses which allow us to share the experience and espertise we have gathered over a decade of working with great leaders and incredible oranisations. Our masterclasses cover such diverse topics as team effectiveness, organisational growth, the Medici effect, why people underperform and executive resiliance.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an essential tool for individual development, a performance enhancer that no modern executive would want to do without. Our Executive Coaching overview looks at why coaching is so valuable and also offers a guide to selecting and working with an Executive Coach. How can our team of experienced coaches support you or someone working in your organisation?

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New Team Leader On-boarding

A brief introduction to the Omada on-boarding process. Turnover at any level in the organisation is an inevitability, but the transition points often aren’t managed very effectively. We help newly appointed leaders and their newly acquired teams get off on the right foot through a managed process of critical questions and responses. Clients tell us our approach has shortened their journey to team competency by as much as one full annual business cycle.


Behavioural Change

A short brochure which summarises what we do and how we do it.  It also highlights some of our recent work in the realms of team effectiveness, executive development, cultural shift, post-merger integration, strategy implementation, group and event facilitation, and all manner of other projects undertaken by the team here at Omada.





Changing Perspectives

Good CEOs know that most game-changing innovation is driven by ideas taken from outside one’s own industry.  In our work with executive teams we often show them other business models, other modes of thinking, and other ways of doing business as a way of jolting the team to think differently about their own business, and to challenge the status quo.

A brochure showcasing some of the visits we have facilitated is now available for download here.