Strategy Implementation

  • “The values based leadership work changed the way we
    think and act. It had a hugely positive effect
    on the way we do business.” Senior Operations Executive, Retail Bank
  • “Omada has seen the old culture and helped shape the new.
    As much as any of us, Omada bleeds this organisation’s
    blood - they are very committed to seeing us succeed.” Senior Vice President, Global Mining Corporation

Strategy Implementation

Sometimes the toughest sale is the one you pitch to your own organisation. Many seemingly clear and effective strategies, once communicated, rapidly become confused, lifeless, overly complicated or simply the target of dissent.

We help organisations align their people to the strategy, instilling the capabilities and culture required to take an organisation through a period of significant change

  • Sense that the culture of the business is a hindrance rather than enabler to success? We work with our clients to find and utilise the right cultural levers to guarantee the effective execution of strategy.
  • A new strategy or direction? Senior teams need to be singing off the same song sheet and role modelling the change, if they expect their employees to align around the change.  We help them make this a reality.
  • Stuck on an enduring business challenge? We can help jolt teams into new ways of thinking to deliver that elusive breakthrough.
  • Do leaders feel like they are chairing the United Nations and trying to solve the problems of the Euro? We help executives align around a common goal so they actually help each other rather than just remain siloed.